We moved from a terraced house in Bath to a 2nd floor flat above a shop in Bristol. Instead of using a professional removals company, we thought we’d do the move ourselves using my father’s oily work van. It is something I’ll never do again!

We had to pack the van countless times commuting to and from the old house to the new flat, which was hard work, frustrating, and time-consuming. After moving most of the small stuff, we finally tackled the large, heavy items, which included the fridge freezer, washing machine, sofa, and wardrobes. Everything was so heavy and difficult to carry up the long flight of stairs to our new place (especially the bulky, heavy washing machine). It was exhausting and I ended up with cuts and sores on my hands. What’s more, we found that the washing machine was slightly damaged, belongings were stained with oil, and there were scuffs on the carpet and furniture.

On reflection, I wish we had used a removal company in Bath like Safari Removals Limited as they have a clean, modern fleet of removal vehicles and a healthy, friendly team of professionals who know what they’re doing, and can handle your belongings with care and consideration. It would have been more cost-effective and saved time and effort.